Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bummer of a Birthmark!

I haven't had a chance to write about this, but definitely wanted to take a few moments to document what I did last Thursday. I have (well, at this point I had) a place on my head that I have always had for as long as I can remember. It's a circular spot that never had hair growing in it and it seemed to change size and texture every now and then. Well, about 5 plus years ago, I had a dermatologist look at it and he gave it some really long name and said that it is pre-cancerous with a 20% change of becoming cancerous over time. Not high chances at the time, but definitely something you don't want to leave on your head just in case. So, he said he recommended removing it but said they could only take a piece of it without doing a skin graft. So, I had a little piece removed at the time knowing that I needed to get the rest removed at some point in the future. Then life happened and my nerves kind of played a part too. It wasn't the best experience and I dreaded dealing with it again. So, fast forward to last Thursday. I had recently switched dermatologists and showed my new dermatologist the spot. Dr. Brad said he could remove the whole thing himself. He said the spot was now about the size of a quarter and would require small triangular slices on each side of it to squeeze the hole (once the spot was removed) back together. Sounded gross, but I decided to just get it overwith. It was not fun at all. I had about 6-8 shots in my scalp to numb it. And then the whole process of removing the spot was gross. I'll spare you the details, but let's just put it this way....scratch your head and hear how it sounds--very loud, right? Well, imagine hearing sounds that you know are from someone cutting on your head. Yep, gross. I won't even get into the stitching and stapling part! So, now I have several stitches and 11 staples holding 3 inches of my head together....kind of gross huh? But, hey it's over! Now I never have to worry about that spot again...and that's worth the hassle! I didn't want to miss work that day because I have a new manager and I don't really know her well enough, so I told Dr. Brad that I needed to finish working that afternoon. So, he just gave me a few extra numbing shots and told me I had until about 5 or 6 pm before I would be feeling the pain. Boy, was he right! When the shots wore off, I felt miserable! Not to mention that the painkillers they gave me made me so sick....
Ok, sorry for the gross post! And for the record, my hair looks super greasy around the incision because they put a ton of Vaseline on the incision! When I tried to fix my hair to go back to work after the procedure, it was like a ton of hair gel in the wrong place. Reminded me of Something About Mary!! Ha!

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Katie said...

So sorry about that, ouch!!! I had to have a mole removed on my hand and it really hurt! Then when the stiches came out it ripped open. I know what you mean I heard and watched the whole thing. Glad you got it taken care of though.