Thursday, June 03, 2010

Meet the Newest Member of the Family

Wanted: Aggressive, go-getter who doesn't mind confrontation. Must be willing to work nights/weekends at minimum wage. No holiday pay. Primary duties will be keeping pest, snakes, and rodents away from house. Any method of removal satisfactory.

Update: Job Filled. By this little gal.

Not sure how old she is, but she is definitely tiny. That's my foot next to her. She saw a squirrel in the yard yesterday (twice her size) and couldn't decide if she should go get it or run away. It was kind of funny.
For the record, I am NOT a cat person. Always been a dog lover. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I am sick of snakes and scorpions. Maybe this little gal will work out!
BTW, the kids named her Lily. I still call her "that cat" for now. Maybe we'll bond soon. She is kind of cute though....

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