Saturday, June 19, 2010


Tonight was the night! We went to see TobyMac and had such a blast! I think the kids may have been a little overwhelmed by the whole concert, but overall I think they really enjoyed the experience.

They weren't as fond of Chris Tomlin's singing and kept asking when TobyMac was coming out. However, I really enjoyed him!
I think they would've liked him better if they knew all of his songs. Kylie was shaking her booty the whole evening and just having such a good time. Weston was a little more reserved, but got with it when his favorite songs were played.
Finally, with about 30 minutes left in the concert, Kylie sat down and curled up in her chair. In 2 minutes, she was fast asleep! Weston and I both wondered how she could possibly sleep--it was so loud in there.

And Weston had another milestone tonight--he tried salad. Yes, I said salad. And he took it like 5 steps further. He tried lettuce with blue cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing on it. I was shocked. And a little grossed out since blue cheese isn't really my thing. But don't tell him because he tried it and liked it! So, maybe those taste buds are finally changing a bit!

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Katie said...

I love TM!! My kids do too. I would love to see Chris Tomlin, he is one of my favorites ever!!