Friday, June 25, 2010

Silver Winner-Yeah!

We just had our regional conference calls with our new Regional Managers and they announced the Silver Cresset winners. I don't know if you recall a post from a few months ago when we went to Memphis. At that time, the sales year was half over and my partner and I were in the running for Cresset Silver. (Side note: Cresset Gold is when you when the sales trip for top performance and Cresset Silver is for the second place people who didn't win the trip, but still win a nice bonus check.) Anyway, I wasn't sure if I could hold my spot for 6 more months. You never know what can happen! But, guess what? I WON SILVER CRESSET! YEAH!!!! I was SOOOO excited. Richie went in to work late today, so he was able to be at home when the names were announced. I had the phone on speaker so he could hear and when they announced my name, I jumped out of my chair and danced around the living room!! I made sure the phone was on mute first though! Ha!
Anyway, I am so very excited--it's hard work and dedication that truly pays off. This has been a very busy year with Landen being born and being very pregnant at the beginning of the sales year. Then, I went on maternity leave and that scared me to be at home for 3 plus months and not be able to have an impact on my clients. However, I busted tail when I got back and it all worked out! I sent my old manager (moment of silence as I still grieve from losing her as my manager) and told her thanks so much for everything she did to help me be a great sales rep and win! LOVE HER!

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