Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Countdown.....

Well, next Tuesday will be the day we get our lay-off phone calls. It seems like forever ago that they told us our company was down-sizing, yet the 15th is quickly approaching. I have to say that I am soooo ready for the 15th to be here. I just want to know--it hate all of this limbo time. It's a little demotivating and hard to get passionate about your workday.
I am ready to not have to begin every sentence with, "Well, if I have a job on the 15th, then ____." I feel like every piece of my life right now is on hold. It's like we can't commit to anything, we can't make any decisions. It's hard because the rest of your life goes on in the meantime. And even if I keep my job, it is likely that not everyone I work closely with will keep theirs. I am very worried about losing my boss--I love her and have enjoyed working for her. She truly gets the "work/life" balance aspect and is very realistic in her expectations--dont' get me wrong, we definitely are expected to bring our A-game, but she knows that life is not scripted and things happen.
However, I am very optimistic about the outcome for me and my territory. I honestly think I will be retained based on the information the company has provided about retention criteria, etc. You never know, but I do have a good feeling. If I am not retained, that's OK as well. I know that there is something out there I am supposed to be doing instead. It'll be a little difficult for awhile though, but I have no doubt that we will survive just fine. I know God is definitely watching out for us and I have complete trust that he is going to provide the best outcome for me and my family.

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