Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lake Trip

We took the boat out for its first spin last weekend and had a ball! Granted, we had several hiccups. Let's see the day began late. First, we had to get everything together for the boat and it took forever! But, we finally were able to get loaded and head out. Except, about 30 minutes down the road, we realize we have forgotten our Bill of Sale and boat, it was back to the house. Then, we headed out...again. We FINALLY got to the lake and it was around 2 pm in the afternoon. We had thought we had a tube, but that didn't work out so we just decided to buy one at the lake. So, we start down the road to the marina first thing. We didn't want to waste time parking the boat, etc. Well, there was no outlet and we had to back the trailer all the way back down this one lane road that had a lot of curves and pine trees lining it. Richie is awesome at backing up--I've decided that after he managed to get us out of that mess. So, then we were able to put the boat in the water. One problem--it wouldn't start. Seriously? So, we pulled the boat back out of the water and my brother was talking to his Dad and he told us a trick to try....and it worked! Yeah! So, then it was back to the water to load the boat. My brother had boat a jet ski and this was his first time to try it out. Poor guy had our luck rubbing off on him because it wouldn't run. So, he had to load it back up and get in the boat with us. After all of that drama, we finally headed out! And once we made it to the water, we had a blast. The kids got to tube for the first time. They were a little timid at first. They kept giving Richie the "thumbs down" signal trying to get him to slow down. Problem was, we were already creeping along! After everyone took turns tubing, we headed down to a calmer part of the lake and I got to ski. I haven't skiied in probably 6 plus years, but I was able to get up the first time! I skiied about 4 times and then we found a quiet cove and just swam around and hung out. It was SO much fun!
Richie called the previous owner of the boat to ask him if he would send us the boat's owner's manual....the guy is having "seller's remorse" because he offered to buy the boat back from us for what we paid plus $1000! Richie told him that we were already way too attached to the boat!

Richie and Kylie just hanging out
Kylie riding in the boat
Weston and his "boat" hair
Momma can ski!
Weston and Kylie tubing!
Richie and Weston tubing!

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