Saturday, July 10, 2010

Landen's Eye Surgery

Wednesday morning was Landen's tear duct probe. He did very good considering he wasn't allowed to eat when he woke up that morning (which is a major issue for my chunky monkey!!). After the surgery, he was SO cute! We went in to recovery once he woke up and they had him in a full size hospital bed all propped up and snuggled in some blankets. He looked so tiny in that big bed. He was sucking on a Pedialyte bottle and was all calm until he turned around and saw us. At that point, he broke into this pitiful cry! It was like once he realized we were there, then he knew he would get some sympathy. Too cute!
He did fairly well the next few days--he was pretty cranky the rest of the day and even had a little bit of bruising on his eyelid and some bloody drainage. Overall though, he is doing wonderful. Dr. Knox said his tear duct was very "tight" and so he tried to dilate it. I just hope it helps and he doesn't have to have any more procedures done!

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