Friday, July 16, 2010

Job Vacancy

Well, I hate to report that Lily has decided she no longer wants the position at our home of "snake/scorpion" hunter. She didn't tell us what position she is taking or who she will be working for, she just walked off the job one day!
She's been gone about 2 weeks now and I know the kids are missing her and are worried about her as well. This picture was taken the night before she left (she's hard to see, but she's laying in the grass). I would like to think that she just wandered off and I hope that nothing bad happened to her! So, Lily, we will miss you!

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Katie said...

Oh no!! I do hope she comes back. It has been so hot!! Let's hope for the best. Someone is probably feeding her somewhere. I hate the bugs up on the hill don't you? I know you do. I am so happy I don't have any nasty things anymore. The black widows and the scorpions were so bad. I hated teh scorpions the most, I dreamed about them. Hope your doing well!! I want to see pictures of your decorating and your house!!