Sunday, December 03, 2006

State Champs!

I must say yesterday's state finals football game was the most edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, anxiety-ridden, stressful game! Boy, was that close. We won by 1 point with 12 seconds left--and those 12 seconds were enough for that team to even score again! They were that good. But, our team hung in there and fought to the bitter end. It was mostly an outscoring game since both teams are so good. We had a great time! And the night was capped off with an awesome dinner at Johnny Carino's! What more could a girl ask for??
But today is study day as I have a test in my class on Tuesday--yuck. But this is the last test and next week is the final class. I am ready for a break--we have went non-stop since January, so I am ready for a few weeks without class, homework, and papers. Only 4 more classes to go after this one! I am so close to finishing my degree. Only 8 more months--August '07 here I come!
The skating rink is still progressing as planned. I am going to try and set-up a website in the next few weeks so that we will be ready to go once the building is complete. I am also working on a few Yellow Pages ads as well, so hopefully we will have some great advertisement in place--that's my specialty! :) Word of mouth is spreading quickly about the rink, so people are starting to talk--it's all really positive support as the entire community has really voiced their opinion that our kids need something to do and something that is positive, fun, and entertaining!
My Christmas shopping is nearing a finish. I only have a couple of people left! I am ready for the holidays!

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