Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Give....

I give up. My daughter is just a demon sometimes! We didn't go to the parade last night because she got a red note, then she comes home with another one today. It was for hitting a kid, yelling at the teacher, and then yelling when she got the red note! AAAAHHHH! I totally give up. I bribe her, I reprimand her, I spank her, I hug her, I encourage her. Now, I am going to just scream! I have no clue what to do. We were supposed to go see the Nutcracker this weekend, but what do you do? I can't take her anywhere. I was so looking forward to the Nutcracker.
Then, I was late to work this morning because the lady that opens the daycare on rare occasions wasn't there on time. She's never there on time when she opens--this is the 3rd time I have been late to work because of her. I give up! So, I called the director and complained. I hated to do it--part of me was even mad that I had to do it. But I can't be late.
So, now I just finished my test in class. I totally bombed the thing. It's just too much right now w/our house (or sorry excuse for a house) in shambles w/the flooding, the holidays, work, and a bratty kid. I give up!
So, I think I am going to spike my hot chocolate w/amaretto!

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