Saturday, December 09, 2006

Party with the Coworkers

Well, we had our work Christmas party last night--it was actually fun! We had a "Casino Night" where we were able to play various casino games and earn "money" to use for the auction at the end of the evening. I didn't win any prizes, but had some great luck at Texas Hold'em, BlackJack, and some dice game. It was lots of fun...but we didn't stop there! About 6-7 of us went out afterwards to Brannon's and had a few drinks, danced, and laughed our heads off at Cory's antics. My hips are seriously killing me today! I didn't even dance that much--a sure sign I am getting way too old.
Then today was some more Christmas shopping and the Nutcracker. My nerves were fried before we went to the Nutcracker from dealing with the whole holiday shopping experience. I have sworn off Bath and Body for awhile at least after their lack of customer service. I was shocked--I have always had good experiences with them, but not today. First, they wouldn't accept a coupon for a gift set even though it said nothing on the coupon about gift sets. Their explanation was that the coupon is for one free "item" and a gift set (although under the price cap for the coupon) was supposedly counted as more than one item--even though it is sold as one!! What a crock of crap. Then, I don't find this out until after 15 minutes of standing in line to purchase it. I was I complain to a lady who worked there--she was so sweet. She went and got the manager and it went downhill from there. The manager was such a horrible witch. She gave the "that's corporate's rules" spill and just walked off. She didn't even apologize, look at me, or try to do anything about it. So, I am not going anymore!
However, the Nutcracker was a lot of fun. Kylie really enjoyed herself! She watched the show so intently--she loved the part w/the lady on the stilts and the little kids come out from under her dress. I think she had a great time.
Well, I am going to go eat dinner. I have a paper to finish tomorrow for the last class this year--Hallelujiah!

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