Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Present...complete with dog slobber!

Well, I am majorly bummed. I ordered my mother-in-law this adorable gift and it arrived via FedEx the other day--but FedEx failed to leave it at my house. Of course, I don't know why I would think they would actually leave it there--they've never done it before! Instead, they always leave it at my neighbor's house (not my parents) and this time disaster struck. The item, a $90 purse, was destroyed by a dog! It chewed through the box and looks as if it took the purse out, ran around the yard dragging the purse threw every piece of red clay, and then proceeded to chew through one handle and part of the top of the bag. Lovely. So, I call FedEx immediately and the guy says he'll take care of it, but to call back everyday to check the status. I call the next day and the lady acts like there's nothing I can do, that the shipper has to initiate the claim, but gives me a number to get started and tells me to set it outside for FedEx to pickup so that they can inspect the damage (how funny, like they are going to miraculously find the house this time??). So, today I take it by a FedEx office--they say they can't help that I have to take it to another office about 20 miles away. This office happens to be closed today. In the meantime, I have emailed the company which is and told them of the situation. They respond to the email today and say that if FedEx will reimburse them, they will be happy to remake the purse at no charge, but if FedEx won't reimburse them, then they could only give me 50% off the reorder. Um, no, I don't think so. I guess Snaptotes needs to read my blog about Bath and Body Works. 50% off? I didn't cause the damage! I agree that Snaptotes wasn't necessarily at fault, but since FedEx won't deal with me and only wants to talk to them, then they need to get their money out of FedEx! So, stay tuned for the results....because unless I get my purse replaced at no charge to me, I'll dispute the charge on my credit card and make sure many more people hear about both FedEx and Snaptotes poor customer service! It's been such a circus and still no one and has bothered to help. Unfortunately, there is no way to get a replacement by Christmas.

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