Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to My Blog!!

Well, my blog is officially 1 year old today! Can you believe I began these rants and reflections exactly one year ago today? It has been tons of fun writing about my daily grinds and gripes. There have even been tons of grins along the way,too. I have found my "inner" self at times during these writings...and I have found others by having my blog. So, all in all, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed writing in my blog!
Tonight was Christmas 2006 kickoff for us! We always spend the Saturday before Christmas at my grandparents' house in Oklahoma. My aunt/uncle from Texas come up and some times there are people there I don't even know!! It was pretty uneventful this year compared to last year's party--if you look back at last year's blog, we had to call 911 on the way to my grandparents' house!!
The kids are really getting excited about Christmas--as well as wearing down. We have been going non-stop today and I can say that God was looking out for us a few times. He definitely cut me some slack today!! I found something in storage that I had been searching for the last couple of months. Then, Kyle found himself face to face with our stinky culprit in the storage building! Talk about scared...he was looking right at the skunk and think to himself that he may have to spend Christmas by himself if the skunk decided to spray him! However, he realized the skunk was dead, so he was very relieved (and so was I!). Hopefully this will mean that we won't be scooping poop anymore!
Also, I got an A in my last class! Woo Hoo! I was thrilled to learn the news...So far, all A's except one A-. Plus, no class for a few weeks--talk about a welcomed break!
Tonight, I got a new pair of camouflage coveralls from my grandparents' for Christmas. Stop laughing!! I actually picked them out! You see, I used to have a pair several years ago when Kyle and I were dating, but I let my brother borrow them and haven't seen them since. There have been many times out here that I would've loved to have had them. They are great for a cold day on a four-wheeler or working in the yard.
If I don't make it back here before Christmas, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a great 2007!!

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