Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here Comes the Estrogen Bus!!!!

I take a lot--but I can only handle so much! Today was one of those days. I had had enough of whining, moping, cranky people and it all came out today. I am just ready for the weekend I guess--but it only puts me that much closer to Monday. I just hate that by the time the holidays finally get here, we find ourselves so pissy with each other that I begin to wonder, "what's the bother?" So, it starts like this--my work group was to go to lunch today for our Christmas lunch with each other. We drew names a couple of weeks ago for a Secret Santa gift exchange. Well, it's been a rather stressful week and was a stressful morning for some of us. So, by the time it came to choose a place to eat, someone says, "I couldn't care less if we just walked over to such and such place--that's the kind of mood I am in". Well, a bad attitude can spread faster than the flu. Not to mention, the week seemed to have been going bad enough. So, it was my last straw. I was really looking forward to lunch and exchanging gifts. But, I found myself irritated at the crankiness in our group. So, we get in the car--no one wants to speak up to where to go. So, I head over to the last place suggested, very irritated. Well, I get behind slow grandpa and someone makes a comment in the backseat about me riding their rear. Not a good time to criticize my driving. Trust me. I hate when people mutter their comments under their breath--you got something to say, say it. Still, I try to be "accomodating" so I move over to the left lane to go around the car. Grandpa decides to lovingly remind me of the speed limit--35 mph, but flashing 3 fingers and then 5 fingers. I wasn't flying down the road, but between all the crap--my gasket blew. So, I decided that I would just slam on my brakes, move back behind Grandpa, and ride his rear the whole way. That way the backseat driver and Grandpa could both shove it at once. Well, grandpa drives SLOW and then gets ready to turn--I'm fuming at the crap STILL. So, at the time I pass him in the turn lane, I decided to spread my holiday cheer. I honked a few times, waved my hands, and lovingly (HA) yelled, "MERRY CHRISTMAS--LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!" Oh I was so pissed by this point. So, then I say, "Let's have some Christmas music to go along with the Christmas mood!" and I turn on my Christmas CD. The car was silent--I don't think anyone knew what to do. Looking back, my tantrum was hilarious now.
THEN, on the way home, someone forgot to warn the owner of a big Ford truck (not my husband's) about my day. Because he decides to turn left out of a parking lot and jump right in front of me. I wouldn't let him in which hacked him off. So, gets behind me and starts flashing his lights. Not good, bud. So, when we get to the stop light, I put my car in reverse--tempting him to flash those lights again. (Has anyone seen Fried Green Tomatoes??--that was my feeling today) I guess he got the point. He didn't do it again.
So, I am taking a sleeping pill tonight and getting a good night's sleep. I have learned from today, I still have work to do in containing my emotions. I am frustrated that I have done so well this past 18 months only to let someone get the best of me.
Just pray that I don't injure somebody tomorrow.

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