Sunday, December 03, 2006


Kylie's Christmas program was tonight. She looked absolutely adorable! She wore her big fancy dress, her hair was rolled, and she shined during the program! Their skit was so funny! However, I ran out of DVD's for the video camera and didn't get a single bit recorded! ARGH! I was furious with myself. I can't believe that I did that. I guess the last one I used must've been at her birthday party, so I guess I never bought any new ones. But, I am glad I found out before Christmas morning! Although, I wanted to test my abilities at adding video to this blog and share a clip of the program with you. I'll be prepared next time though. Tomorrow is our town parade, so we are going to take the kids to watch it. I am going to try to remember to take a Thermos of hot chocolate and some cups so we can stay warm!
Kylie's room flooded during the heavy rains last week and we have such a mess on our hands. We are going to have to remove all of the carpet from her room, air it out and then put new carpet down. I don't think the walls are damaged though. What a mess--I am SO ready for a house. I have contacted my builder and he is going to email plans to me this week. I hope to start a house in the next 90 days--cross your fingers, say a prayer. I am ready. It's time.
On a final note, Kyle's cousin, Tim, has been dealt some bad news. He was diagnosed with cancer--they removed part of it that was contained, however another test revealed a 2 inch piece under his kidney. That means he will have to undergo chemotherapy. He's only 24. It's devastating to hear about because his daughter is less than a year old. He's a good kid. Not that he would deserve it if all of these things were different, but still, it's just sad. The good news is a 99% recovery chance, so hopefully he will come through this with flying colors. Keep him in your prayers!

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