Friday, May 21, 2010

Baseball Time!

I finally remembered to take my camera to the ball fields the other night! It's usually so chaotic on game night in the rush to get out of the house, that I never remember my camera. By the time you pack a diaper bag, round up 3 kids, and grab a couple of chairs, the cameras usually don't make the cut! Weston's team started off looking pretty good, but haven't gotten in a bit of a slump lately. At this point, the team needs a strong pitcher or it can really hurt you. Weston's team is a young team--he's actually one of the older players. He got an infield hit the other night and almost outran the throw....
Getting ready to step up to the plate...
Wait for a good pitch, Weston!
There's the one!
And here comes a hit!
A close call at 1st, but just barely beaten by the throw!
Kylie's team is a pretty good girls' team! However, she is in a bit of a hitting slump for some reason. She was hitting anything that came her way before season started and in the first few games, but now she's not getting many hits. Hopefully she can get back on track soon.

Way to go guys! I love watching you guys play ball!

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