Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sleepy Boy

I am at least a week behind on posts! I just can' find a spare minute where I can get to the computer, download pics, type a bit, and hit save. It's constant busy, busy here! Anyway, this picture shows you how hard we go all week long. The baseball games have really helped us get Landen to sleep all night (most of the time). He can't seem to fall asleep at the games, so by the time he gets home, he is WORN OUT! And, last Wednesday (when this pic was taken--told you I was behind) was after we got home from a game. I still had computer work to do, but he was past ready for a bedtime bottle, so I let him feed himself (thank goodness we are to that stage!!). About 10 minutes later, I looked over and here's what I saw!

Bless his heart! I have never seen him sleep so hard--the flash went off at least half a dozen times in his face and he never even flinched. Too cute!! And check out that bottle.....he made sure that he didn't let go of it. He is absolutely addicted to his bottle. I need to get video of him when he sees it....he gets so excited!

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Katie said...

He is so stinkin cute!!