Sunday, May 02, 2010

Why? Now I know!

Well, when I woke up yesterday morning, I was a little refreshed from the horrible evening Friday night. And, if you know me, then you know that I don't give up too easy. So, I decided to call my Papaw and get some advice. Richie had fixed the leak under the kitchen sink, but now we were up against a bigger battle in the bathroom. The sink in there was leaking and looked like it would require a bigger fix. Papaw is so sweet. If you haven't met my Papaw, I promise you are missing out--he would move Heaven and Earth for anyone. When I called, he assessed the problem (going to require an entire new sink faucet in the bathroom....great). He told me where to find a couple of RV repair shops, however both were closed, so now to Plan B. He thought that maybe, just maybe it would be a faucet that was "universal" and we could find one at Lowe's. So, he told me to go get the faucet and he would drive ALL the way up here, fix it, and get a hotel for the night!!! Talk about a servant's heart! Friday night, I was asking why this I know! Why? Because Friday night, Richie was on his own to fix the kitchen sink and he did it....ALL BY HIMSELF! I was so proud that he took the time, stayed calm and patient and figured out a way to get it to work....and at the end he said, "thank you Lord". Wow! My heart melted at that moment. Then, when the bathroom sink was broke, too. I learned that I have people in this world (like Papaw) that will stop what they are doing, change their entire weekend plans, and move mountains to help me. It just broke his heart that we were going to have to come home Saturday morning and not get to go to SDC.
So, I went to Lowe's (all by myself I must say), bought a sink and a few "plumbing tools" and managed to find my way to and from the store! When I got back, Richie replaced the sink which saved my Papaw from having to make the trip up here. And guess what? The new faucet worked! No more leaks! And so we got ready, and headed to SDC for the day for World Fest....and the weather was absolutely PERFECT! Sunshine and cool breezes all day! We had a lot of fun. We were only able to see one show since it was late by the time we got there, but that's OK. We learned a lot this weekend--we are a team, we can weather any "storm" together, and we can do a few things now that we thought we couldn't do!
While we were at Silver Dollar City, we saw the CEO of Silver Dollar City! Joel Manby was there to celebrate SDC's 50th birthday yesterday! Did you see the episode of Undercover Boss that featured him? When I saw him, I wanted to get a picture with him, but figured that Richie would think I was a goofball! But I did see him and he was in jeans and a t-shirt and seemed to be the way he was represented on the show--very laid back and easy-going. Pretty neat!

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Katie said...

I loved that episode that guy seemed so nice, really great. Refreshing to see such nice business people. Glad everything worked out with the sink. I hate when stuff like that happens.