Friday, May 21, 2010

Cutie Pie!

Well, round two of catch-up blogging...I am trying to get some posts up for all the pictures I have snapped in the last few days. At least I am finding time to do that!!
Landen and Andy had a blast the other day playing in the floor. Landen loves his dog! And I have to give Andy kudos for being SO patient and putting up with Landen's not-so-soft petting!
Anyway, a few pictures of the boys playing!

Puppy Dog Kisses!
Checking out the tongue..he was trying to grab it!
More kisses....
I think this was Landen's way of hugging Andy....he just put his little head down on him!
Those eyes! He's gonna be a heartbreaker one day....


Shannon said...

So stinkin' cute!!!

Katie said...

He is really cute, seriously a cute kid. yep I bet he will be one handsome little man that is for sure.