Thursday, May 20, 2010

Piece of Cake!

I had the pleasure of making a birthday cake for one of my friends' little girls. And, well, it took baking FOUR cakes before I ended up with one that wouldn't fall apart! I kept trying to rush the process and wasn't waiting for the cake to cool down. So, everytime I stacked it, it would split right down the middle....what a mess! However, the family enjoyed the "mistake"......
Forget the plates and silverware, just dig in with your hands!!
So....Kylie did!!
Nothing says chocolate cake like a glass of milk!
And the finished product...forgot to get a pic before I sent it over there, so she graciously snapped one on her phone for me!

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Katie said...

Fun!! I love cake. The gel stain is in the normal paint dept and it is looks just like a stain can. When you read it though it says gel stain. When you open the lid it is really thick and you have to mix it really well. Then you can use a old towel to wipe it on or a brush. It seems to adhere very good compaired to regular to stain. It is messy though if you get it on your hands. You can use Opps or Go gone and it takes it right off. Good luck and post pictures. Are you on Facebook? I need to find you if you are. Have a great weekend!!