Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lunch Dates

At the end of last week in all of the RV hoopla, I didn't get a chance to write about a great lunch I had. I met a friend of mine that I have ran into a few times at our new church, but really haven't had a chance to talk to since I left my old job. I think part of me was afraid she didn't like me anymore since I had left. And part of it was that we just didn't cross paths at the time. But, we started talking at church and realized we both were in need of some girl time! So, we made some lunch plans and then had a great lunch date! I didn't realize until then how much I missed talking with her! What's funny is I have known Becky for a long, long time. She probably doesn't remember it, but she gave me a little book at church camp one year when I was in junior high school and has never failed to be such a great Christian role model to me as I have ridden this roller coaster called life. I thought she was so awesome when she gave me that book--she was 2 whole years older and just seemed so mature and like she had it together (and she still seems that way!!). Anyway, years later when we ended up working together at the same place, she once again was there when I needed some kind words of wisdom. In fact, I am at my new church home today because of a talk we had 3 years ago. She had heard a sermon from her preacher about how God hates divorce, but not divorced people. She thought of me and the stress I was experiencing at my workplace at that time. I listened to that sermon and yes, my toes were stepped on a bit, but I also realized that I was still important to God. Now, 3 years later, we have reconnected once again to just enjoy each other's company and hang out! Becky, thank you so much for such an awesome lunch the other day--I loved chatting and hanging out! Here's to that chick flick we have our sights on! :)

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