Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tri-Holiday Weekend Ahead

Three big holidays/celebrations this weekend! It's kind of nice to have just one dinner/cake/gathering, but I hate taking away from everyone's special day....First, it's Weston's birthday Saturday (the big 1-0), then my brother and my cousin are both graduating from college at the same time on the same day, but at different colleges, and then there's Mother's Day Sunday. So, we are having one celebration on Sunday at our house.
Weston has decided he doesn't want a "kid" party this year. Says he's over that and would rather have the presents instead of wasting the money on the kid. He's getting it! So, he is staying at his Dad's house Friday and wants his cousin TG to spend the night. Then, he comes home Saturday afternoon and we are going to go to my parents' house and watch a movie in the movie theater and have snacks. My parents bought him a new bike for his birthday and I had put it out in our 3rd garage for safe-keeping until Saturday. Well, last night Kylie decides to go in there and get her bike out....and she sees the other bike. So, she calls Weston over there to show him. I am witnessing the whole thing from the kitchen window. It's funny to watch your kids when they think they are being sneaky and no one is watching!! So, I went outside and told Richie and we decided to go ahead and let him get his new bike out and try it out to make sure it wasn't too big. So, there's one present that won't be a surprise. Then, from us, he is really wanting an electric guitar. He is really loving his guitar lessons! So, I am working on getting a good one that's gently used for him. So, there's 2 presents that aren't a surprise! But, I guess that's what comes with big boy gifts.....
I am so proud of my brother and cousin for finishing college! But I am not looking forward to watching the commencement....with a baby in tow. May have to step in and step out to catch Jordan's name....
Baseball season is in full swing I can free time at all during the week. In fact, I took off work Tuesday to clean house! Didn't get very far, such deep, deep cleaning that needs to be done.
As if that's not enough to tire you out, my first summer class in the MFT program starts Monday...I ordered my books yesterday. Taking only one class won't be too bad. I am actually looking forward to it. The class is Brief Therapy and it centers on solution-focused therapy....basically getting to the heart of the problem and coming up with reasonable solutions....should be interesting! I am glad I am finishing this degree. When I switched a few years ago, I really felt like I had left something undone in my life. I really wanted this degree, but at the time it just didn't make sense to forego switching to a degree that my previous employer would help pay for. And it has all worked out in the end now that my new employer covers this degree! Thank you Lord for such an awesome opportunity to learn!

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