Monday, March 22, 2010


It snowed 10 inches plus at the house yesterday. It's cold. It's wet. It's the end of March. And there was a SCORPION IN MY HOUSE tonight!! Yes! What's that all about? It's not time for them yet! I can't handle them yet! I'm not ready! I have stuff on the floor, a baby that needs to figure out how to roll over and sit up and those stupid critters are already out and about! I was in the kitchen cooking and looked down and saw something about 4 INCHES from my foot and started to walk toward the oven when I did a double take. Then, I screamed. Then screamed again. Then I remembered Landen was asleep. But then I screamed again. Richie told me that was the most horrific scream he's ever heard. I told him that was a contained scream because I was afraid I'd wake up Landen. I think he was shocked that the scream could be worse. Anyway, I ran out of the kitchen until he killed it, got rid of it, and then convinced me the coast was clear. Good thing I worked on the garage Friday because I'm not going anywhere near that stuff now. In fact, I put out a glue trap Friday night and when we saw the scorpion in the house, we went and checked it and there's a scorpion tail on it!
Later on, I was sweeping the kitchen and my husband thought it would be absolutely hilarious to yell, "scorpion!!". I jumped, threw the broom, and ran out of the kitchen. And screamed again. He decided that wasn't smart a idea.
So, let the scorpion count begin:

2010 Scorpions: 1

Dear Lord, Help me.


Mom2Three said...

I feel your pain! I am TERRIFIED of them!!!! I can kill spiders, even attack a snake with a shovel, but I Hate scorpions!!

Erin said...

I'm with you! The only thing I HATE about this neighborhood is that it is infested with scorpions!!!

Katie said...

I feel so bad for you. I don't want to discourge you but we had them so bad and our house was lower on the hill. We also had black widow spiders. Be really careful with the babies!! They were in the sanbox lid all summer. We had them out to spray all the time but in the summer they were really bad. Especially at night!! I put like 4 glue trapes out a night and sure enough there was usually one. There must be a lot of scorpions on the hills. I dreamed about them all the time and I hated them so much. My husband would do the same stuff!! lol!! He was secretly scared too I think!!