Thursday, March 04, 2010


While I was pregnant, I had this wild hair that after the baby I wanted to be a runner. Ok, background on me--I DON'T RUN. But some of my pharmaceutical rep friends are runners, and so here I was a big pregnant girl, thinking "I can so do that, too!" Well, not to disappoint myself, I am trying to hold myself to my promise. I also thought that if I post my intentions on my blog, then I am really holding myself to it! I have a really cool app on my iPhone that is all about getting you in shape in 9-12 weeks to run a 5k. It has prompts of when to run and walk and each week it adds a little more running to the mix. There's also great websites I have been visiting to get ideas (like the one above). So, I am "training" to run the 5k in July at the square...yep, it'll take me that long to get it. My goal is to run the entire thing...even if I run slower than all of the walkers out there! And, I have a partner....Kylie! Yep, she is running with me! She has been out training at night and plans to do the 5k!
So, thank you Erin for not laughing last night when you drove by and I was about to fall over and I am giving full permission for anyone out there to hold me to this! It's gonna take all the accountability I can get to do it.

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Erin said...

Ha!! I was TOTALLY impressed that you were at the bottom of the neighborhood and RUNNING! Two years ago about this time we decided we were going to all run the 5K together. We were "training" together and I hurt my knee. It's been downhill ever since for me. My knee STILL hurts when I walk or run up a hill :( But, Travis and the boys have run in 3 5K's since then and I'm so proud of them. You will make it!! And trust me, there are some REALLY slow walkers/runners in the July 5K. You two could whoop them TODAY!!