Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tooth News!

Baby Landen cut his first tooth today! He has been working SO hard on that little tooth--tons of slobber, lots of crying, plenty of chewing on his fingers. I was at a baby shower today for a friend and he was fussing, so I rubbed his gums to see what that "bump" was doing now. Low and behold, there was little bitty razor bumps in its place! You can barely see it, so it wasn't worth trying to get a picture just yet, but maybe in a few days. Richie asked me if he thought he would finally not be cranky anymore--I just laughed and told him that he has a whole mouthful waiting their turn to break through!
So far, we've had a great weekend. Richie had to work tonight, but other than that, we've had some great time with friends and family. Last night my mother-in-law made me a homemade birthday dinner--it was so good (and even better because I didn't have to cook!) Today, after the baby shower, Landen and I took a long 2 hour nap nice to just relax! Then, we had made plans to have a grown-up night with Jeremy/Catina without the kids, but both babies were a little under the weather, so we decided to just stay in instead. Catina made a wonderful Mexican pizza casserole thing and cookies (she cheated though and made no-bake cookies since she has watched me burn the cookies the last two times they came to our house!!). We really love hanging out with them--no frills, just good times! Baby Addi is a mover and a shaker! That girl is already sitting up and bounces like crazy...she reminds me so much of Weston when he was a baby. She also loves giving Eskimo kisses--it is SO CUTE! She puts her nose to yours and just looks at you--I got so tickled when she kept doing it to me over and over. She's precious!

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