Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Imma B" in Tulsa at the Show!!

Yesterday afternoon my step-sister texted me to find out what was on the schedule for this weekend. I told her just usual kiddo stuff--practices, etc, but nothing fancy....why? Well, she has an extra ticket to the Black Eyed Peas concert this weekend and wanted to know if I would like to go with her and her step-daughter Saturday night. Let me think...ummm..YES!! So, Imma b at the Tulsa Black Eyed Peas concert Saturday night! Woo Hoo! And bonus--the minivan does know how to play my Black Eyed Peas CD, so it's definitely a keeper now! This is such a treat because I would never buy tickets to BEP for myself--I know Richie wouldn't go with me and with 3 kids, I have a hard time paying $100/ticket for anything...but my sweet sister is GIVING me the ticket!!
In order to go, I have to take the big kids (aka Weston and Kylie) to Tulsa with me so that Richie isn't outnumbered. I was able to get the ticket to go because my brother-in-law Bill doesn't want to go, so instead he's taking the big kids to the movies, putt-putt etc....I told my step-sister Karla to be sure and tell Bill a big thank you from me for not liking them! :)
So, BEP here I come!!

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