Monday, March 01, 2010

A Hard Lesson

Kylie disappointed me the other day. I know that our kids will make mistakes, but it's still hard when you think you've done everything right as a parent only to have them do something disappointing. She stole a "pointer" out of Mrs. Kindle's class (a pointer is a hand on a stick and the hand has its fist closed and it's pointer finger out). The sad part about the whole thing is that she has one at home already!! However, she felt the need to lift the teacher's pointer from the classroom! I was so upset--I was disappointed, mad, and sad all in one big bundle. I wanted to make sure I punished her, but I really wanted her to learn from this and not make a habit of it!! So, I made her write a note to Mrs. Kindle and return the pointer (I had already talked to Mrs. Kindle to let her know the pointer was at my house and it was coming back to her).
Here's the note Kylie wrote:
Here's the translation (with the authentic spelling and grammar of the letter):

Dear Mrs. Kindle

I'm very very very sorry I took your pointer. and you told me not to take stuff. and I did listen to you. and thank you for letting me spin minutes because it helps me learn not to take other peoples property. Alot I'v known But I don't know why I took it I guess I just whanted to play teacher. our write down names. again I always don't git what I whant and that's OK because every body don't git what they whant. and I'm going to think about what I did and not do it never again. but I'll think all night about it.


Kylie Faith Cumbie

P.S. I'm really really really really sorry
I also had Kylie read 3 devotions out of her devotional book and tell me what they meant in terms of what she did. She read one on lying, one on the 10 Commandments, and one on doing the right thing. The girl broke down when she realized she broke one of God's rules. That's when it clicked I think.
She's a good little girl--she just wanted something she couldn't have. You know what? We all have done it!! As I disciplined her, it was a wake-up call to me to realize there's times that I want, want, want and don't need certain things. There are times I get upset when I don't get what I want--but that's life! So, the whole experience was a learning lesson for both of us!!


Becky said...

wow...what a powerful lesson for all of us. And, not that you're looking for a pat on the back, but that's good parenting.

Katie said...

Yes, I remember you. You are a beautiful lady (: A lot has changed for you. Your baby is so adorable and I see your happily married. You can't ask for anything better. It looks like we would have been neighbors if we stayed back in AR.
As woman we have to wear many hats and be good at lots of things. When the world points the finger or if we mess something up we don't feel like we are good enough. Very common feeling amongst woman. We have to stick together, help each other, and be real. This life is short and we need to keep the Faith in knowing God made us a certain way to reach others. To love and to be loved just the way we are. Thanks for your comment. Great job on teaching your daughter a lesson,I love how you handled it!! Take care (:
In Christ,

SheWolf said...

Thank you so much girls!!