Monday, March 15, 2010

NEVER say Never!!

There's two things in life I swore I'd never do......

1) Marry a cop. My old perception of cops? They are all egotistical men who think they have all the power! Well, I was wrong....there are a lot of good guys out there that protect us each and every day! They are not all like that--in fact, every job has good people and bad people in it. Shame on me for assuming that a career defines your character.

Love You Richie!
2) Own a minivan. I swore up and down over the years that I would NEVER own a minivan. To me, that was like conceding--that's saying, "I give up. I am a Mom and I have no choice but to drive a minivan." Well, let me just say that when it came time to order my new company vehicle, I couldn't order a minivan fast enough! Three kids and work supplies makes a car cramped beyond belief! I just got my van yesterday and absolutely LOVE it! Tons of space and the doors and rear hatch open with a push of a button! That's just too cool! Why haven't I driven a minivan before now?
But to my defense, I still don't "own" a minivan, so I guess I must admit that if I had to go purchase a vehicle, it would definitely still be an just can't beat them. They have looks and space! But for now, I have no shame sporting the minivan!! :)

Lovin' the van---even if my "coolness" just went to obsolete!

So, moral of this post? Never say never! 'Cause you never know when you'll have to "eat crow"!


Katie said...

I own a mini van and although they might not be the coolest I put my pride aside and I do like it.It is funny in AR there is not many but in OH everyone has them(: It is so safe and I have so much room for my treasure hunting and shopping. It also gets great gas milage. I think in a couple years I am going to get a new suv but for now it is what I need. It was so nice when Lauren was a baby and I had no extra hands and the doors would open for me. Enjoy it! I have a Toyota it actually is a pretty vehicle inside and out.

Stacy Carter said...

James wants a minivan for his sales vehicle! I tease him about it, but they really are roomy and economical.

SheWolf said...

You are so right Katie--I love how easy it is getting Landen in and out of the van!! I hated climbing in the backseat of the car and trying to drag the carrier out--it was a pain. And I LOVE how the doors and the hatch open with a push of a button! I feel spoiled! I am totally enjoying the minivan--it is so comfy and roomy!
And Stacy--tell James he'll be one cool "soccer dad" if he gets one! :)