Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I need some sugar!

Ok, kisses would be good too, but I am talking about REAL sugar! I talk all day long about diabetes and high blood sugar with doctors, nurses, and office staff. Well, today I went and had a fasting blood glucose test administered at a conference I attended. I knew that when I get hungry, I probably have a slight dip in my blood sugar, however my test came back at 55!! That is way low! The ladies at my table were getting me orange juice and granola bars and fearing I might pass out. I texted Richie my result and he asked a friend of his who has Type 1 diabetes about my result. He was shocked too and said I probably should have some lab work done. Well, I have connections and so today when I visited my endocrinologists office, I asked him what he thought. He wasn't too alarmed, but indicated I was probably hypoglycemic since I have symptoms with my low results. He suggested I buy a home monitor and start keeping a "sugar journal" to understand my reaction to food/lack of food. But the good news is that he didn't necessarily feel that I had any sort of serious health condition beyond hypoglycemia. So, I guess I'll prick a finger or two and see what I do over the next few weeks.
I am taking the day off tomorrow so that I can go to my kids Halloween parties. I love my job--3 weeks of vacation and a flexible schedule has allowed me to feel like a Mommy again! Then, after school it's costume time and trick-or-treating. I'll try to post some pictures of my little Evander Holyfield and Wicked Witch!
Only a couple more days until I get to bring my puppy home--I am excited (but I am also trying to store up on my sleep)! I bought him a Polo shirt, a fleece jacket, and a cute little winer t-shirt. He's gonna be so cute!!

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