Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Big Fun

Well, our weekend led us to Big Cedar with my work team and we had such a great time! The company provides a yearly "retreat" with the members of the district. You have a little social time with the group and then the rest of the trip is R & R for you and a guest! I love my job! We went to Dogwood Canyon on Saturday and did a tour of the Canyon and it was beautiful!! The kids went with us and had a great time. We stayed in a log cabin and sat out on the deck and looked out over the lake at night and just enjoyed our time away from the busy home life. Sunday was a blast when we went downtown and rode go-carts. Kylie said the go-carts were the "funnest ride she's ever been on"!
Also, I should be getting my new company car any day--a black 2008 Charger! I am SOOO ready to retire the hearse!

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