Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A New Man for Me

Well, I am getting a new man. Yes, that's right. His name is Opie. He has beautiful blue/grey eyes, he loves to cuddle, and he stole my heart. The little Italian Greyhound is getting a new home. I can't wait! He is absolutely precious! I think this is a great dog for me. They don't like to potty outside, so I can litter box train him (hence the cat similarity). They also don't like the cold weather, so he'll love clothes! I have already bought him a new shirt and found some flannel PJ's for him too. He's supposed to get to come home around Halloween, so I probably won't get to buy him a costume, but that's OK. Of course, I have to go out of town the 5-7 of November, so Richie will be dog-sitting for me. Anyway, I can hardly wait!
Some friends of ours are getting married this weekend. Of course, the "traditional" bachelor/bachelorette parties took place last weekend. However, Richie and I were the smart ones of the group--we didn't go. And it's a good thing because evidently the "traditional" fights took place the next morning! It's so nice to have a guy who respects me and understands my feelings--thanks Richie! :)

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