Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tomorrow is the BIG day--the hearse is dead! I get my new car and I can't wait! I am ready to finally have a cool car that I spend my day in! :) I'll be sure and attach a pic when I get it!
So there's this puppy I have my eyes on...I know, I know--I am a busy girl and I have a new home. BUT he's so cute. I really want him, but I don't know if it's practical or not. Plus, I gotta make sure he'll get along with Andy when he moves in. So, I guess I need to give it some deep thought.
Tomorrow is picture day at an awesome local photographer--I am nervous! I want great pictures! I have waited and waited to book with this lady until I had a house that was suitable for hanging them. I have picked out some cute outfits for the kids and now I need to just pray I don't have a zit pop up and that the kids cooperate!

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