Monday, October 15, 2007


I swear I should submit my life to the plot writers for soap operas. It seems that just when I get settled, someone decides to keep things fresh and switch them up on me. My parents are moving--they have bought a beautiful new home that used to be owned by a doctor. It makes sense for them--my Dad just can't handle the land by himself since his heart attack. But that means I have some decisions to I sell my land too? Do I move out of the modular? I have no clue what the best idea is. Part of me has the answer, then I change my mind. I guess it just surprised me--completely caught me off guard. I JUST got settled in my new home. Oh well, I guess I need drama huh? Good grief...I am just ready to have a home and get comfy. So, now to figure out where my new digs will be. I feel like I have to change my plans and dreams, or do I? I really want my beach wedding, but now I think my money would be well spent toward a new home. I don't know. Damn parents.

So I was watching Rules of Engagement and I just got ticked. I am such a woman because I cannot understand the purpose of lying to your spouse and sneaking off to a strip club...sorry, but I just think it's a 1/2 step away from cheating (and it is when the girl gets off her pole)....I don't understand why we can't be satisfied with what we have. What is it that makes a person get up from the chair in their home next to their beautiful wife and drive down to the titty bar? I honestly think if the tables were turned and there were dick bars, things would be different. But, women don't think that way....we are wired completely different.

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