Friday, October 19, 2007

Wormy Dog Saloon

Ok, I really want a puppy. However, I have learned a valuable lesson in the past few days. So, I had my eyes set on an Italian Greyhound puppy, but I read up on the breed and thought that maybe it wasn't the dog for me. The information said that the breed is for cat lovers and I am definitely a dog person. So, I started looking around at other breeds and found the Shorkie. They are absolutely adorable! If you get the Yorkie coloring with the Shih-Tzu style of hair, then you have a Ewok imitator!! So, I found one in the local newspaper and got so excited. The dogs are personable and really cute. So I called the guy and made arrangements to go look at it. Well, we didn't get there until late--around 7:30 pm. It was already getting dark and I didn't get a good look at the puppy. But he was spunky and had the coloring that I loved. So, I decided to get him. Well, we brought him home and he just followed me everywhere I went--such a cutie. Then, he curled up on the couch on Richie's chest. Well, as he was getting settled, he noticed a worm coming out his rear...YUCK. However, it was just one. So, I said I would take him immediately to the vet tomorrow to get him wormed. No worries. Well, it went downhill from there. We noticed another...and another. So we went into the kitchen on the linoleum and checked him out. Well, at that moment like 8 or 10 came out and fell on the floor. I about lost it!!! That is more than I can handle. I told Richie that the puppy had to go back! So, at 10:30 we called the guy and told him the situation. He agreed to let us bring back the puppy (well there wasn't really an option). Needless to say I got in bed at 1 a.m. that morning!
So, I learned a lot that night. KNOW the breeder, SEE the location where the puppy is living, MEET the parents of the puppy, and MAKE SURE IT HAS BEEN WORMED!!
Tomorrow we are going to see the little grey Italian greyhound tomorrow again. We have already seen where they live, met the Mom, and the lady who has them. The place is immaculate...the puppies are healthy and happy. She even said we can't have the puppy for a week or so until she can give it the last round of medications!! That's just her rules before she lets the puppies go. I learned that good things (and wormless dogs) come to those who wait!!

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