Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

The snow was just beautiful this morning! What a great Christmas present! We had our annual breakfast and Mom felt much better and was able to come. I tried out a couple of new recipes...Hashbrown Quiche and French Toast Casserole. The Quiche was a definite hit and will likely become a traditional piece at Christmas breakfast. The French Toast casserole was good, but we are just a spicy kind of family, so I think the sweet stuff doesn't go over as well. The kids got go-carts for Christmas and it was so cold and with the snow/ice on the ground, they weren't even able to try them out! :( In fact, our hill was a solid sheet of ice! I was surprised everyone was able to make it over this morning, but nothing stops my grandparents and parents from a hot breakfast! Santa was good to me too! I got a new camera, some perfume, a spa gift certificate, and even some lottery tickets! I won $8 (however, I think Santa is still in the hole)! Richie got a new BluRay player, so we can't wait to watch a movie on it now that we have our surround sound hooked up too. Who needs a movie theater now? Weston got a new camera and then he also got a video camera at his Dad's house, so he is ready to record some memories. Kylie got tons of clothes and shoes. In fact, she asked me how many shoes I was going to get her as she kept opening shoe boxes. But, the girl seriously needed some new shoes! I am so exhausted...from the cooking, to the going everywhere, and the midnight feedings! I know Richie is absolutely worn out too. I think we will be ready to kick back and relax this weekend.

Here's the kids from this was after presents were opened because we had to wait for Baby Landen to drink his morning milk before we could get a picture.
The backyard with snow on the ground!
And our first snowfall at the new house!

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