Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Well, I made it to the Windy City today--and it's cold! Not as cold as it could be though, I guess for Chicago. This morning was soooo hard! I had the hardest time saying good-bye to my little man! He wouldn't even look at me when I was trying to tell him good-bye which made it worse. I know he wasn't doing it on purpose since he's only 10 weeks old, but I was really needing a big grin and some eye contact before I could leave. I think it's absolutely the cruelest thing to take a Mommy away from her newborn! I know I am going to be ready to see him by Friday. And my big guy too! I miss you Richie!
Awhile back, Richie and I saw the Fireproof movie and bought the Love Dare journals. Well, life kind of got in the way, and I am embarrassed to say I didn't finish the book. But I got to thinking that besides a house and 401k, there's not much more that we have in life that we invest in for long-term. And those are material items. But when it comes to spouses and kids, we need to do things to help us invest long-term! And I am always of the firm belief that your marriage comes first. So, when I saw that the Love Dare had put out a yearly devotional book, I decided to get it. It has 365 "Love Dares" and rather than waiting until January 1st, I brought it with me to start tonight. I feel like I take things for granted at times in life and I certainly don't ever want to feel that way about my marriage. So, here's to Day 1 "Love is the greatest of these" from 1 Corinthians 13:2. May I remember to make sure I show my husband my love for him!

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