Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pain's Purpose

Well, I just finished watching this week's Grey's Anatomy and I loved one of the messages....Why do we feel pain? We all struggle with this at some point in our lives. We wonder why we have to deal with difficult situations and what good could possibly come from them. I can think of plenty of times I have experienced pain and found myself questioning why I was having to experience it--ultimately, it's the most painful experiences that leave the best impressions on us. Without pain, we wouldn't feel anything! The little girl on Grey's Anatomy that the pain storyline was developed around had people keep punching her in the stomach to prove to others that it didn't hurt. She thought she was invincible....she soon learned she was more damaged on the inside than she could imagine. But without feeling, she didn't understand that. Sometimes we pretend we don't feel the pain--only to find out we are damaging ourselves internally. We want to think we are invincible--nothing can happen to us.
I know pain hurts, but in the end it's feeling the pain that can ultimately take the hurt away.

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