Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fast Forward to Next Weekend

Well, this week wasn't that busy, so that's not my reason for not writing sooner--I guess it's just been a quick week. Ok, ok. I have no excuse. So, now I have to remember all the fun stuff!
Well, how about the funny stuff first? Weston is such a matter-of-fact person. And with that means a no-holds-barred perspective. So, first Weston story: Kyle went to pick-up the kids at school the other day. Kylie has been growing a plant for me and it had reached the status of "being brought home", so Kylie runs over to Kyle and shows it off and tells him, "Daddy, here's my plant I made for Mommy!" Weston chimes in with, "You better not give it to Mom, she'll kill it!" So true. I admit it. I do not have a green thumb....I don't even have a green pinky finger! Then the next morning he proceeds to tell me about how his class gets to bring ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree this year. He tells me about being able to do this last year and then describes one of the ornaments his buddy brought.
Weston: "Mom, Haeven brought an ornament of a naked person last year!"
Me: (trying to hide my curiosity and fear of what was about to be told to me) "Really?"
Weston: "Yeah, his boo-hind was hanging out between the sheets!"
Me: (hoping this story has a G-rated ending) "Was it Baby Jesus in the swaddling clothes?"
Weston: "Yep." (as if it would have any other ending besides a G-rated ending!)

My son isn't the only funny one around here...Kylie's story probably tops the two combined. She was in the shower Thursday evening when the following plays out:
Kylie: (in a slightly scared voice) "Daddy."
(She gets no answer from Dad).
Kylie: (a little louder and a little more distressed) "DADDY."
(Still no answer from Kyle).
Kylie: (in a blood-curtling, terrified beyond belief, ear-drum busting scream) DAAAAADDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
At this point, Kyle takes off in a full-throddle sprint to the bathroom to find out what is going on.
I immediately thought she had probably just bumped the knob that adjusts the water temperature to hot. However, I hear the following:
Kyle: (in a voice that stressed mess and clean-up was going to be involved) "Kylie, what have you done??!!??"
Kylie doesn't immediately respond which isn't unusual when she's in trouble.
Kyle: "Well, you've gone and just slit your butt open good, huh??"
This was enough to send me flying into the bathroom to figure out what happened. Kylie had tried to shave her butt cheek with my razor!! She had about a 2 inch cut down her right cheek and blood running down her leg! The sad part is, the razor had been put out of her reach and she was warned to not touch anything in the shower. But the poor girl has a serious case of curiosity, so she had proceeded to get the razor down and try to use it. So, a dab of Neosporin and two band-aids later, she was good to go--with a lesson learned.

Last night we went roller-skating with the kids. They had such a great time and they can really skate well! They go and go until they just pass out. The poor things never want to go home but they can't even hold themselves up on the skate floor! I fell once and it hurt! I didn't remember skating hurting that bad--a sure sign of aging I guess.

Well, Kyle is prodding me to hurry this up. He wants to get out storage buildings cleaned out which can't be done without me approving the disposal of the items! Then this afternoon I am going to attempt to take the Cumbie grandkids picture with my two kids and Kyle's sister's two kids. This is the first time I have tried to get 4 children to pose in a shot together--wish me luck!

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