Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Spent

It was another long day, but we were very productive! I woke up this morning to the cold chill in the air and knew I had to make another Starbucks run before heading to the shot location. Kyle, I'm sorry! It was so incredibly cold outside today during the shoot--I felt like a human popsicle....But, everything went smooth today and ultimately I think our shoot was a success!
Well, tomorrow is my travel day--after a busy week, I will spend my weekend completely occupied as well! But, I haven't been to Illinois (other than driving through it I'm sure), so I am anxious to see the Peoria area. My Mom called and said it is really cold up there though (guess so if it's freezing here), so all of the clothing that I packed and sent with them to wear won't do me much good now. So, just pray for a safe flight for me and that they will allow my carry-on bag since I have 4 oz lotion! ;) The terrorists sure put a damper on smelling good while you travel!
Well, Grey's Anatomy is starting and I plan to get in bed on time, so that'll have to do it for now.

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Kaylee said...

Have a safe trip! I'm curious as to the business that your parents are doing up there.