Sunday, October 08, 2006

How About Them Hogs?

Oh my! Can you believe it???? We BEAT Auburn!!! Yes, Auburn! Kyle is jumping through the roof. And, so am I! I was completely shocked--it just proves we can win if we play hard. We're a good team--we just have to play as a team!
This weekend went by entirely too fast...Quick recap:

Friday evening: CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEED! Yes, my boys were back in Tulsa, so we made the drive for an awesome concert. Well, they were awesome, but the wasted chick in front of me who was puking up her overdone alcohol binge was rather disgusting! She puked for about 45 minutes. Her man needs a lesson in taking care of his woman. He should've gotten her out of there and saved face for her. (Of course, I can't blame the guy for wanting to stick around for a good concert, so maybe he should've just left her at home!)

Saturday: Well, we were supposed to go get our new camper, however Jim still isn't 100%, so we headed home and listened to the game on the radio (don't worry Kyle recorded it so that we could watch it at home). Saturday evening, Kyle and I went out on a "date"! Ha! Well, the two of us did go out to dinner and a movie. We saw The Guardian. It was a pretty good movie!

Sunday: HOMEWORK, HOMEWORK, and MORE HOMEWORK! AAHH! I have been typing all day long on my two final papers for class. I am exhausted! And I still have a little bit left to do!

Well, Desperate Housewives is on, so I better get back to's going to be a busy week at work, so I need my beauty rest tonight!

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