Sunday, October 22, 2006

The End of the Weekend

Well, yet another weekend has come to an end. Hey, but at the end of this weekend, my house is clean! Bunco went great--the food tasted wonderful. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I think people were amazed at the "barn". I think they thought it was going to be really awful and then realized that you could actually make a metal building interior look like a house! Overall though, we had a great time!
Saturday's Razorback game was great! Kyle and I drove north to the game and had a blast. I was glad to find out I am not a jinx on the Hogs! :) We had fun although I was asleep by 7 pm and Kyle and the kids shortly followed at 9 pm! We were all exhausted from the busy week and crashed the first moment we sat down.
I had to work today, but it wasn't that bad...waiting until the fall to pull my Sunday "shift" was a smart move! I also took some pictures for a friend. I am really booking up this fall w/pictures--and they are all "new" clients! I really need to get some business cards developed--but I am so busy taking the pictures, I don't have time to design one!
Well, Desperate Housewives is on, so I am off to catch up on the saga!

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