Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Day in Illinois

Well, it's Saturday night--time to wind down from a busy day in Peoria. We went and visited my parents' new business. Kaylee, you said you were curious what kind of business they have. Well, they bought a skating rink up here! It's very similar to the one back home and seems to be a thriving rink. We visited each session--at one point there were 7 birthday parties going on! Talk about busy. Anyway, it appears to be a wise choice for them. I have had fun learning how it operates, meeting the people who work up here, and seeing some of the town. It was a nice little getaway this weekend! However, tomorrow is another flying day for me--hey, say a prayer that the flights go well AND that they run on time! :)
Kylie went to her first Razorback football game today. I think she had a great time from what Kyle has told me, however he is exhausted. She rode on his shoulders the entire walk to the stadium. Then, Miss Diva made her Dad stand in line for 30 minutes for a snack, plus take her potty two times. See Kyle, I'm not that high maintenance (or at least you can say she comes by it natural!)....

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