Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Is The Stuff!

I heard this song on the radio the other day and I honestly think whoever wrote this song had me in mind.  Let's see, in the last week, I have managed to lock myself out of my car AND house at the same time.  Then, there's the GWD PD that flashed his lights at me for speeding (luckily I didn't get pulled over, but geez where's the family discount??).  Add to it that I NEVER can seem to find my phone and when I lose it it's ALWAYS on vibrate. UGH.  I loved walking outside this morning to find my car windshield frozen over.  There goes 20 minutes of my commute as I wait for it to defrost! And how about the nasty nurse and ugly doctor I dealt with today? Then, there's the class that I am teaching tonight.  They are busy taking a test right now, but 20 minutes ago, it was whining and moaning and begging for a word bank!
My head is killing me! But, thank goodness for this song and the reminder....this may be the stuff that drives me crazy, but it is useful.  Without adversity, what would we overcome?  Without fear, where would we find courage?  Without challenges, where would we learn patience? It all seems so frustrating, head-throbbing, and ridiculous, but it's the stuff we deal with.  I just keep reminding myself that big or small, God has a purpose for every single event.  Now, where are my keys?? :)

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