Sunday, January 16, 2011


I know I just posted recently about Landen and some of the new things he is doing, but I kept thinking of so many more....and he keeps adding to the list.
So, today he put 3 words together and made a sentence! I can't remember now what he said, but he repeated me. I was feeding him "bites" and asked him if he wanted more bites and he repeated me. He has also been putting two words together lately as well. Then, this morning, he learned where his belly button is and said, "button".
Another thing he has been doing for a month or so now is saying "mine" and we went to see Dr. Ashcraft the other day and when Nurse Kathy heard him say it, she was floored. Not because he could verbally say "mine", but because he was using it in the right context. I am in trouble!
But, I have always heard that kids who can communicate well have a little easier time with the "terrible twos" because they aren't frustrated. So, hopefully some of the "two's" will be easy!
He had his first true ear infection this week. Thursday night, he woke up at 1:00 a.m. and fussed and cried and asked for "juice". It was 2:30 a.m. before he finally got comfortable. So, Friday afternoon I decided to take him to see Dr. A. I was worried about bronchitis or a sore throat with the cough he's had lately. But no! He had an ear infection! He is doing much better though thankfully since we caught it early enough to get some antibiotics started.
Little Man is such a joy to be around--I am so thankful God blessed me with another baby. Love him so much (even if he's a little ornery now and then). The smiles I find on my face daily are constant reminder of the joy he has brought to us!

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