Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Cruel Things Kids Say

Weston has come home the last few days telling me about some things a couple of kids on the bus have been saying to him. The other day a kid was calling him "short stuff", etc. I feel so sorry for him because I know he is a small guy for his age. But, he is such an amazing kid and I wish the other kids could look past his height! I think the part of the conversation that touched my heart. When I asked him what he said back, he said, "I just told them please don't talk that way in front of my sister." He wasn't even worried about himself.
Then today, another kid was picking on him about where he lived. The kid told him, "at least I don't live in an apartment!" Weston just told him he was moving soon and went on. I hate that he is having to endure ridicule for where we live! These duplexes are so nice! But, kids don't see that. They see an opportunity to hurt, a way to get somebody upset.
I am so thankful for my kids--that they are good ones and that they have a great attitude when faced with ridicule. AND, if you ever see my kids acting any differently, PLEASE let me know!! :)

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I know how you feel!!! It just breaks my heart when kids at school say something mean to one of my boys!!! I guess it is life though. Hopefully it serves as a lesson learned and my kids won't talk that way because they know how it feels!