Sunday, January 30, 2011

House Progression Post #2

Here's the next stage of our house progression! It seems like it is going by so fast, yet it can't be finished soon enough! I have to note on this stage that Richie and I had to do some manual labor.  They poured the foundation a day or so before the last round of snow that we received.  We knew that the standing water/ice/snow was not good on the foundation, so we headed out there and swept off all of the water the day after.  Luckily, it was a very sunny day and the foundation was dry within an hour. Whew!

The next stage:  Footing and Foundation.

The materials for the footing

The Footing--people who saw this picture nicknamed it the "moat"!

Another view of the footing

Here comes the cement truck...and our foundation!

View from the road as the foundation is poured

Smoothing down the foundation

The finished product!

More pics to come of the next stage! :)

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