Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blog Pics and a Rough Sunday

I am so happy my new pictures are finally up on my blog! Some of my other previous pictures were at least 3 years old! The pictures that are in my header and the ones down the side of the kiddos are courtesy of Shannon Walker. GREAT PICS! Thanks Shannon--I LOVE them. I can't wait to get settled into our new house so I can hang some big prints of the fam!
Yesterday was one of those days--you know, the day were you think, "I got out of bed for this?" The morning started out with us only running a few minutes late to church. Well, some much for that. Richie and Landen had already headed out to the van and I was hot on their trail as I was scooping a last minute breakfast together for me. I locked the door to the house, and trotted out. Richie said, "you got the keys for the van?" I started digging in my purse and then digging some more. Nope. NO. KEYS. And no spare key anywhere either. Great. So, I had no clue what to do. We were locked out of all vehicles AND the house. So, I called the Property Manager. I knew she would be in church, but I thought I would give her a heads up and just hope that she could help us after church. By this point it's 10:15 a.m. Well, she called me right back and had her husband come and unlock the door for us. I was so thankful she was able to help. However, at that point, it was 10:35 and we had missed most of church. So, we decided to head to Lowe's to get some paint color ideas. Well, Richie walks across the yard and steps in dog poop. UGH. And the day continued that way with one little setback after another. We were so tired and cranky by mid-afternoon, I took advantage of a nice nap with Landen after we got home!
I was so disappointed about missing church! We are doing a series on Spiritual Leadership and I really wanted some spiritual guidance for my class Tuesday night. Oh well. For some reason, we were meant to stay home.
But, gosh I could've done without the drama! :)


Tonia Hobbs said...

Wow, that would be Mr. Satan doing some of his finest work. He pulls out all the stops on Sunday, of course.

Katie said...

Love your pictures and yes I have had many of days like that. There is something to be said about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It seems once it starts the whole day feels bad. Just pray. If I mess up things with a crabby attitude which I get when I am tired I sometimes ask Rob if I can have a do-over.