Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Just a lazy Sunday afternoon around here...for the guys. Mom, however, is busy packing for 3 days in Memphis for work! My husband told me last night that he wished I didn't have to go. Not because he needs me here, but because he wants me here. It was so sweet!
We have switched Landen's childcare and he starts at his new digs tomorrow. I just pray all goes well for him while I am out of town. I think he will be fine at the new place, but it's still hard leaving when he is going to have a change of scenery.
Speaking of work, that was the topic of today's sermon and the topic of my Love Dare 365 devotion....hhmm. Could God be trying to send a message??? :) Seriously though, I loved the 365 devotion--such good thoughts, "when your spouse deserves your love the least, that is when they need it the most." The prayer at the bottom was, "Lord, I thank you for the spouse You have given me. Teach me to love them in a way that meets their needs and honors You." The big picture of the devotion is how we sometimes are selfish and focus on ourselves forgetting to meet the needs others, in this case our spouse. It talks about how love is your primary responsibility in the marriage. It's your job description--even when it's not fun. Even when it's not rewarding. Such good stuff!
Tonight we start our new Home Group Bible Study. I am really hopeful and excited! A great family is hosting and I look forward to the study, "Shepherding a Child's Heart".
Have a great week!

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