Monday, January 11, 2010

Basketball Stars

These aren't the best pictures as I was just snapping away randomly....

Here's a few pictures from our first week of basketball. Weston did very good--he really enjoys basketball! Kylie's first game had a few hiccups, but in the end I think she really liked it. The little girl guarding her was hard core...she bear hugged her, stepped on her shoes/laces, held on to her jersey, etc. It was too the point that you could tell Kylie was getting very frustrated. So, at halftime, she came over and her Dad tried to explain to her that she has to keep moving and then the girl won't be able to do that. Well, she just started bawling--she was very overwhelmed! We all just encouraged her to move, move, move and when she went back out there, that's just what she did. In fact, it was hilarious because by the end of the game, the other girl was worn out from Kylie running around so much that she practically quit guarding her altogether! I was very proud of Kylie--it was a tough situation, but she was such a trooper to stick it out and give it her best shot.

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