Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Baby Landen

Two nights ago, Landen gave me such a scare! We were asleep in bed and all of the sudden Landen starts gasping for air several times and can't get a breath. It was a horrible noise and very loud--I had no clue what was wrong. I scooped him up and began patting his back praying he would start breathing again! After several gasps, he finally caught his breath. He has made quirky noises before, but never to the point he couldn't breath. He has also had a funky cough. He's not sick, not congested, but sometimes when you pick him up or when he's swinging he'll "bark" a few times. So, I called Dr. A and she asked to check him out today and make sure he's alright. Her first thoughts were that his reflux were causing him to aspirate the stuff coming up. But she decided to do a chest x-ray to rule out any problems. He didn't have pneumonia or bronchitis, however the x-ray showed a flat diaphragm. Evidently, it's supposed to be round/curved. She said that a flat diaphragm is present in a person with asthma and felt that the noises and gasping were "asthma attacks" or wheezing. So, she gave us an inhaler and decided to start there and see if we can get him some relief. She also switched his reflux medicine in hopes we can get that under control. Hopefully the little guy will get some relief soon! And hopefully he'll soon be doing this....

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